Luxury Castles & Pear Cider


If you happen to be the sort of person who loves drinking cider and perry and the idea of an Alpine adventure with jaw dropping scenery appeals to you, then a trip to Austria’s famous cider region, could be the dream destination to add to your bucket list.

ThinkstockPhotos-137112722The good news is that the Big House Company have the keys to a particularly special property in this part of the world. Read on to find out more about the castle (yes, that’s right… a castle!) and the wonderful Mostviertel region of Austria.

The Mostviertel Region

Situated in the western part of Lower Austria, stretching from the river Danube in the north to its Alpine peaks in the south is the charming Mostviertel region, a place where pears play a key role in the local culture. This locally grown fruit features prominently in many of the delicious dishes throughout the region and perhaps more importantly in the regions wonderful speciality perry, a valuable treasure that has been celebrated and preserved by the local people for generations.

Exploring The Cider Trail (The Moststraße)

One of the most interesting ways to explore the perry making part of this region is on the Cider Trail. The Moststraße is a 200km sign posted tourist trail that winds its way through magnificent farmsteads and sublime scenery in the heart of the Mostviertel region where many people have dedicated themselves entirely to the production of excellent quality pear cider. Full exploration of the entire circular route will eventually returns travellers to their starting point.

ThinkstockPhotos-121028508The mild climate of this part of the region, just south of the river Danube provides the ideal conditions for producing high-grade fruit on hundreds of thousands of mature pear trees that line the trail. The sheer beauty of the place alone makes the trail well worth a visit but there is more to enjoy than just the views!

There are plenty of opportunities to stop and sample varieties of the local speciality perry in some of the many unique inns and rustic taverns you will pass along the route, so for any cider lover, plenty of leisurely stops will be essential.

Pear Blossom – As Far As The Eye Can See

Visit the region in late April and early May to witness the sight and scent of Mostviertel in bloom and you can enjoy wide ranging views of undulating hillsides covered in a sea of pear blossom as far as the eye can see! This is the largest, continuous area of pear orchards in the whole of Europe.

Autumn Harvest & Production

A typical mature tree in this region at full height will produce a yield of up to 1,000 kilos of pears, an impressive quantity. During the autumn once all of the fruit has been harvested, it is washed, crushed and pressed, then left to complete its fermentation process for around six to eight weeks. Following this fermentation process, the perry is filtered and clarified before it is finally ready to drink and enjoy.

The finished product is light yellow to amber in colour and falls into four different flavour categories ranging from sweet to very dry. The alcohol content of this mild, fruity beverage ranges from 4% up to a typical maximum of 8%.

A Truly Unforgettable Experience

With its mild climate and rich culture, the Mostviertel provides a unique and memorable base for a fun filled family adventure, an activity filled group holiday, an event or even a romantic break.

This captivating part of the world will enchant and amaze you from the moment you arrive and for a truly unforgettable experience, you could exclusively hire this elegant and luxurious Austrian Castle in the heart of the beautiful Mostviertel region.

This charming historic building is over 1000 years old and together with antique furniture, paintings and even suits of armour, you’ll be transported into the past. Imagine yourself sitting in the castle bar or on one of the garden terraces, sipping a chilled glass of local perry…Castles and pear cider… Now that is a magical combination if ever I heard one!