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Great places to visit in Sussex


Camber Sands is a wonderful stretch of beach to enjoy as part of a weekend break at Sussex Manor, near Robertsbridge

It’s great to visit Camber Sands during a stay in Sussex

Sussex offers plenty of great things to do, whether you are having a holiday with your family or a short break with friends  –  something for everyone.  A plus point in our view is how fabulously easy it is to get to from London, train travel just takes the strain – plus maybe, a little something from the buffet for the journey?  Gaze out the window and watch the countryside come into view.  Even by car, you’re really not going to have much of a journey at all.

So, once there.  The beach is always a firm favourite, stunning Camber Sands, stretching mile after mile, well worth walking along to blow the cobwebs away, smell the salty air and maybe dip your toes in the water for a paddle.  If Fido is with you, he will approve of this outing.

One of the few beaches in Sussex to be sandy, it doesn’t even get too crowded in the summer which is a bonus.  There’s windsurfing and kite-surfing here and the sporty among you can book in for lessons – not surprisingly a windbreak might be handy if you’re planning on spending the day at the beach!

Around Rye, it’s definitely 1066 country, you can bring your suit of armour with you, but the locals are pretty friendly now. You get the benefits without the war games!  Rye is especially attractive, and we’d recommend you visit.  It’s a charming mediaeval town with cobbled streets, (is this where the infamous Hovis advert was filmed we ask ourselves), delightful buildings full of character.  This is no bland high street, its full of independent shops contained within historic buildings – quaint tea shops just must be visited!  Regular markets take place and these are especially attractive in the run up to Christmas.

Rye has an enchanting harbour, with an active fishing fleet, which might be an ideal place to stock up on delicious freshly landed fish for a tasty supper for your group. Alternatively, Rye has quite a yachting fraternity, so you might want to get on your sailing shoes or even hire the equipment for some windsurfing lessons at Rye Watersports.  For the nature lovers among you, the area around the harbour is of special interest and is one of the most important conservation areas in Britain.  The walks through the nature reserve are wonderful and you will see some amazing wildlife too.

Great Dixter House & Garden near Rye is a horticultural gem and a wonderful place to visit if you love colour, design and style.  The garden was the life-long creation of the late Christopher Lloyd (famous gardener & writer) and will surely inspire any gardener, even if it’s just the window boxes outside your flat!  The gardens were laid out Lutyens style, but the planting is unique in its style and is rigorously adhered to by the charitable trust that now runs it.  It has a world-wide reputation for excellence and to be in Sussex and not drop by would seem a pity.

If this sounds a place you’d be packing your bags and heading towards, you might want to grab your friends and hire our house in Sussex, spend a few days exploring and enjoy each others company.


The Ultimate Murder Mystery Weekend

With darker nights and the impending arrival of winter, this is the ideal time of year to host a fabulous murder mystery party. The ultimate event would be organised with the help of a professional company, and hosted in a beautiful period property, creating the ultimate backdrop for your party.

Why not make a weekend of it? Hire an amazing character property in the country; gather up a group of your most outgoing favourites who will happily put their all into their roles and display their acting talent, then head off to create some unforgettable, (often hilarious), memories.

Plan Ahead

Plan your weekend well in advance to ensure that the property you desire is available and make sure that your friends will be free to attend. In the run up to Christmas, weekends tend to get increasingly busy so it is crucial to give your guests plenty of advance notice.

Shy Wallflowers

The best murder mystery parties rely on an enthusiastic group who are willing to let their hair down and play the role of the characters they are allocated with flair! This means that some friends may not be suited to participate in this type of event at all, due to their shyness and inhibitions.

Think carefully about which friends would be best suited to the bigger characters in the plot, keeping in mind that acting skills are not a prerequisite, all that is required is a willingness to take on the role of someone else for a few hours.

Allocate smaller roles to the shy wallflowers within the group, as this way they will have less to say and do during the evening, which will make sure they feel more comfortable, leaving them free to enjoy themselves and work on solving the mystery.

Murder Mystery Menu

Set the scene by combining your murder mystery activity with a ‘Whodunit’ style, glamorous dinner party. When hiring one of our Big Houses, we can arrange everything on your behalf, taking all of the hassle out of the planning so that all you need to do is dress up, get into your role and fully enjoy the storyline and mayhem!

Sitting down to enjoy a mouth-watering meal cooked by a talented local chef in the private space of your hired house is a wonderful way to enhance your event and make the evening even more memorable. With a team on hand to serve and clear each course for the evening, your entire group will be free to concentrate on the action and participate!

Winner Takes It All?

Bring out your guests competitive instincts with some desirable prizes. You may choose to allocate one prize for the person who manages to solve the murder mystery, but it can be fun to have extra prizes set aside for other important accomplishments too! Prizes for the most convincing performance, the best costume or the funniest participant are just a few ideas you could consider.

Getting everyone together at the end of the evening for prizes is great fun and creates a wonderful opportunity to reflect and giggle at the evenings events. Once everybody is able to reveal details of the secrets and schemes that were going on, you will all be amazed at what was going on right under your noses the entire time!

The Kind Of Party That Everyone Will Talk About For Years To Come…

If this is something that you have always wanted to do, why not take the plunge and give it a go? A murder mystery weekend is a great way to celebrate a special occasion or simply gather with your friends for something different and a whole lot of fun. The chances are that some of your friends will really surprise you with their antics and role-playing on the night, as this type of event has a funny way of bringing some people out of their shell in a way you have never seen before.

With some careful planning and a good dose of creativity, you could design and host your own murder mystery party anywhere. However, for the ultimate murder mystery weekend that everyone will talk about for years to come, why not get in touch with us at The Big House Company and let us help you to make a real success of your event!

A Big House Stag Weekend


Rather than heading off to Europe or Vegas for your stag weekend, why not stay in the UK and hire some fantastic group accommodation where you can bring of all of your mates together for a great weekend?

Planning a stag trip in the UK makes it much easier for everybody to participate; therefore, it will usually result in a much better turnout out of friends and family. Hiring a big house where your group will be the only guests enables you to relax in style and gives you the flexibility tocreate the exact kind of stag party that you have in mind.

Big House Surfing Once you have your guest list sorted, select a venue that suits the size of your group and the type of activities you wish to indulge in and you are already well on your way to organising a stag do to end all stag do’s…

Organise Some Outdoor Activities

Hosting your stag weekend in the UK presents you will all kinds of possibilities for some great outdoor activities that will help to make your event unique and unforgettable. In addition to being a lot of fun, there is nothing like an outdoor activity to break the ice if there are people within the group who do not know each other.

Here are a few great suggestions for activities that we can either organise on your behalf or you could arrange independently. However, if you just fancy loafing around for the weekend and simply enjoying the space and setting to liven up your stag weekend then what better place to do it than a beautiful house and garden. Drinks on the terrace. See you there.

SHOOTING – There is nothing like a bit of shooting at a bachelor party! Clay pigeon shooting, archery, or pistol shooting are all options we can sort out for you. Fun, friendly competition and an ideal activity for groups.

GOLF – Golfers could can choose a house within striking distance of a great golf club and spend the afternoon out on the course.

SURFING – It’s not often you get the opportunity to have all of your favourite blokes in the same place at the same time. What could be more memorable than donning a wetsuit and setting out for a surf together? Magic memories.

FISHING – Depending on your location, you could opt to go fly-fishing or sea fishing together. A great choice for a lad’s day out and with a bit of luck you may have something to put on the BBQ at the end of the day.

ADRENALINE – Get the adrenaline pumping with a paint balling excursion or a quad biking experience.


You May Also Like To Organise Some Activities On Site

The great thing about having a big house and garden for your event is that many different activities can be conveniently brought to you. For example:

THEMED NIGHTS – How about booking a Casino night at your big house? Black tie and cocktails. Glamorous and fun and perfect for a casino mad stag.

RELAXATION – Boys like a bit of pampering too occasionally. Why not book yourselves a session at the spa. Not all stag weekends have to be adrenaline fuelled.

MUSIC – Arrange your own karaoke night, book some live musicians, or listen to your favourite tunes from the 80’s all night long…

A GOOD OLD FASHIONED LAUGH – You are never too old to have a right old giggle being silly with your mates. Arrange a fun activity like sumo wrestling or gladiator duelling and you will all be laughing until there are tears. Lots of them!


Catering For Your Group

When you hire a property through The Big House Co, you can opt to fend for yourselves in the kitchen or take advantage of our wonderful menus and catering options for some, or all of your meals during your stay. Options Include:

  • Breakfast hampers – No need to worry about getting breakfast organised, simply arrange to have a hearty hamper waiting for you when you arrive.
  • Picnics & BBQ’s – Take the stress out of mealtimes by ordering a group picnic for your outings or having everything you need for a delicious BBQ brought in for you.
  • Meal deliveries – Wonderful suppers prepared with local ingredients, delivered to the door.
  • Casual dining – With this option the table is laid for you, supper is served and all the washing up is taken care of. All you have to do is arrive at the table to enjoy an incredible group meal.
  • Thai banquet – A two course banquet prepared on site for your group by two talented Thai chefs
  • Dinner party – A formal three-course meal and canapés, served to your group, for a stylish and unforgettable highlight.


Leave Your Passport At Home

Who needs to travel half way across the world when there is the potential to create an unforgettable stag weekend right on your doorstep? Take one big house in your ideal setting, add your buddies and create your very own bespoke package with just the right blend of mischief, adventure and laughter.