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Cream of the Crop. A house with all the toys, fully refurbed, from Easter 2018


High standards of craftmanship have made Tatham House in Somerset a delightful large party house for groups

A taster of Tatham House

It’s always a pleasure to be invited to look around a new large house and this one was a particularly exciting prospect for the team at Big House.


Proud to be an agent

In the gig economy there’s a growing trend for going direct – supplying products and services straight to each other – you rent my parking space from me, I rent your holiday home from you.  Not dealing  with a middle man can often feel like a great way to go.  Direct contact, maybe the price will be more competitive, or just because that’s what everyone else is doing!

We started the Big House Company with just Tone Dale House – and so, essentially, that was what we offered our guests – direct contact with us, the homeowner.

As our business expanded we felt, and we still do feel, that as a business representing other home owners we add value to the customer experience by being the middleman.  We’re proud to be an agent!

So, here’s what we think we add to the whole equation when you book a large house via us rather than going direct to the owner?

Our knowledge

Every house we’ll ever talk to you about, has been visited by at least one member of our team.  If you have specific requirements, (accessibility, bedroom layout, secure garden for Fido, location) we will be able to recommend which house is best for you.

There’s no hard sell, because we aren’t just representing one property – we can remain unbiased in our recommendations.

Our relationship with the owners

We’ve met the owner, we work with them regularly, we revisit them and that all builds into a good working relationship that benefits our guests.

Peter makes the initial visit to see a new house, speaks to the owners and then takes a decision as to whether this is a Big House that would be great for our guests.  Although that sounds simple, there’s a lot of interaction with an owner before we represent them – any changes that we would like to see have to be discussed and implemented.  Currently, we are working with an owner on a 2 year renovation project – the end result will be a splendid 10 bedroom, all en-suite property in Somerset with plenty of fun facilities.

Constantly consistent

There are certain things that we think make a “Big House” experience and we look for those features in any house that joins us.  We want you and all your guests, for example, to sit and eat comfortably around the same table, we want you to enjoy a high standard of cleaning and comfort, we think your welcome should be extremely friendly and helpful, with any problems during your stay being attended to promptly.  The list is longer, but what we’re saying is that we know our houses will deliver that experience and that although you may choose a different house each time you have a different celebration you know that those fundamentals will still be the same.

Small enough to care big time

We are a small agent and always intend to stay that way, so that we can give our guests the advice they want, because we know all our houses and owners so well.  We are passionately committed to ensuring you have a great house that suits your needs.  We believe every aspect of your stay (from your first contact with us, to your final farewell) should be an outstanding, memory exploding house party that you never forget.

Our past guests give us the thumbs up!

We’re well established and have already eaten the 20th birthday cake to prove it!  So you can be confident that hundreds of guests before you had a great experience booking through us and partying at the houses we suggest.

Our past guests really recommend us, in fact some don’t leave.  Anthony, General Manager and often the first person you speak to, celebrated his wedding here in 2014 and joined the company 18 months later.  Peter & Caroline, partners in the business, took a similar route in 2004.

We listen to you

We love to hear what you think and we act on that.  We feed back to owners, so they can constantly improve what they offer.  We always want you to have a great time celebrating your special occasions – that’s the most important thing to us.  If necessary, when a house really isn’t working for our guests, we will take the decision to part company.  We don’t believe in keeping a house on our website so that we can keep taking bookings if it isn’t right for your needs.


So yes, we are an agent and proud.  Part of the rental charge you pay will be a commission to us, and we think you get a lot of bang for your buck!  Price doesn’t vary whether you go direct or via us, but you will get our level of customer service, our impartiality, our expertise from the last 20 years.


What’s great about a weekend away?

Party at a big house with your friends

Take a relaxing short break with friends this autumn
















What’s your favourite part about getting away for the weekend?  Is it one of these? …..



Stunning large party house in Norfolk joins the Big House Company

The elegant courtyard garden at Cliff Barns makes for the heart of an outdoor party, with plenty of seating and a hot-tub

We’re excited to welcome Cliff Barns as a new large house at the Big House Co. The owners originally stayed in one of our own houses (Tone Dale House) and loved the concept so much they decided to do the same thing for themselves – albeit a few years later!  The idea of having a ‘weekend’ place for big groups of friends and family to stay is no longer new but being able to offer clients a variety of properties with unique features to suit the needs of their group is a big part of what we do.  The stylish approach at Cliff Barns is certainly a superb addition to our portfolio.

Nestled next to a strawberry farm in Norfolk the property forms a quadrangle around a central courtyard with all the accommodation cleverly arranged on the ground floor.  The owners are interior and set designers to the stars and have put more than the usual ‘barn conversion’ formula into Cliff Barns.  The impression you get as you enter is one of rustic hunting lodge meets boutique hotel but with an overall feeling of squishy comfort.  The living spaces are generous and open out through folding glazed doors to the central courtyard which contains more seating, alfresco dining, hot tub and games area.

The Cabana bedroom at Cliff Barns, Norfolk, to rent through the Big House Company

Sumptuous Cabana bedroom

Up to 18 people can be accommodated in eight stunning bedrooms and everyone can sit around the dining table.  There are great self-catering facilities but you can also let the local caterers take the strain instead.  It is possible to hold larger events such as weddings by arrangement and the team can look after all your needs and manage the event for you.

Make an effort to leave the property at some stage and explore the beautiful coast line with miles of sandy beaches, or enjoy some of the many local attractions and fabulous gastro eateries close by.  Ideal for families, birthday groups, hen weekends and corporate away days.

Exposed wooden beams and brickwork in the sitting and dining area at Cliff Barns in Norfolk

Stunning open plan living area, perfect for large groups.

Luxury Castles & Pear Cider


If you happen to be the sort of person who loves drinking cider and perry and the idea of an Alpine adventure with jaw dropping scenery appeals to you, then a trip to Austria’s famous cider region, could be the dream destination to add to your bucket list.

ThinkstockPhotos-137112722The good news is that the Big House Company have the keys to a particularly special property in this part of the world. Read on to find out more about the castle (yes, that’s right… a castle!) and the wonderful Mostviertel region of Austria.

The Mostviertel Region

Situated in the western part of Lower Austria, stretching from the river Danube in the north to its Alpine peaks in the south is the charming Mostviertel region, a place where pears play a key role in the local culture. This locally grown fruit features prominently in many of the delicious dishes throughout the region and perhaps more importantly in the regions wonderful speciality perry, a valuable treasure that has been celebrated and preserved by the local people for generations.

Exploring The Cider Trail (The Moststraße)

One of the most interesting ways to explore the perry making part of this region is on the Cider Trail. The Moststraße is a 200km sign posted tourist trail that winds its way through magnificent farmsteads and sublime scenery in the heart of the Mostviertel region where many people have dedicated themselves entirely to the production of excellent quality pear cider. Full exploration of the entire circular route will eventually returns travellers to their starting point.

ThinkstockPhotos-121028508The mild climate of this part of the region, just south of the river Danube provides the ideal conditions for producing high-grade fruit on hundreds of thousands of mature pear trees that line the trail. The sheer beauty of the place alone makes the trail well worth a visit but there is more to enjoy than just the views!

There are plenty of opportunities to stop and sample varieties of the local speciality perry in some of the many unique inns and rustic taverns you will pass along the route, so for any cider lover, plenty of leisurely stops will be essential.

Pear Blossom – As Far As The Eye Can See

Visit the region in late April and early May to witness the sight and scent of Mostviertel in bloom and you can enjoy wide ranging views of undulating hillsides covered in a sea of pear blossom as far as the eye can see! This is the largest, continuous area of pear orchards in the whole of Europe.

Autumn Harvest & Production

A typical mature tree in this region at full height will produce a yield of up to 1,000 kilos of pears, an impressive quantity. During the autumn once all of the fruit has been harvested, it is washed, crushed and pressed, then left to complete its fermentation process for around six to eight weeks. Following this fermentation process, the perry is filtered and clarified before it is finally ready to drink and enjoy.

The finished product is light yellow to amber in colour and falls into four different flavour categories ranging from sweet to very dry. The alcohol content of this mild, fruity beverage ranges from 4% up to a typical maximum of 8%.

A Truly Unforgettable Experience

With its mild climate and rich culture, the Mostviertel provides a unique and memorable base for a fun filled family adventure, an activity filled group holiday, an event or even a romantic break.

This captivating part of the world will enchant and amaze you from the moment you arrive and for a truly unforgettable experience, you could exclusively hire this elegant and luxurious Austrian Castle in the heart of the beautiful Mostviertel region.

This charming historic building is over 1000 years old and together with antique furniture, paintings and even suits of armour, you’ll be transported into the past. Imagine yourself sitting in the castle bar or on one of the garden terraces, sipping a chilled glass of local perry…Castles and pear cider… Now that is a magical combination if ever I heard one!