Weekend Activities to Enjoy

Activities (house based) to enjoy during your weekend.

Although a weekend away is a lot about doing nothing, we think it’s a good idea to organise at least one activity during your houseparty.

Beverley, in the office, part of the Big House Co since the year dot, organizes the activities and catering. Her recommendation would be to keep activities based at the house as much as possible, particularly for a weekend houseparty.

With her words of wisdom ringing in my ears, here are some of our favourites and ones that have proved consistently popular with our guests.

  1. Shooting (clay, laser or pistol) and archery.  Great for beginners, juniors or more advanced, it’s good to get outside and blow the cobwebs away and with expert tuition it’s fun for everyone and you’ll be surprised at how you get the hang of it.
  2. Hot Tub, if you hire this, it’s then available day and night for relaxing, chatting, socializing fun.  Quite a nice idea for your group to enjoy over the whole weekend.
  3. Beauty treatments.  Yes please.  We all love a bit of pampering and to wander around the house in your dressing gown after a massage or facial surely has to be one of life’s pleasures.  No getting up off the massage couch, getting dressed in a daze and driving home, you’re already here!
  4. Sumo wrestling, bungee run and gladiator dueling.  Do you remember the kind of fun and laughter you had as a child?  Belly laughing till you couldn’t laugh any more.  Or your first ski holiday when everyone fell over or ski-ied straight into the café.  Well, look no further, the good times are back.  These activities will have you in stitches.
  5. Casino.  We had this for a Big House Christmas staff party, great fun, we all enjoyed it, especially not losing your own money!  It goes quite well with a catered dinner and dressing up, comes over all James Bond.

So, there’s a few thoughts for you.  We have plenty more ideas if you want to get in touch and for those of you who fancy going further afield more suggestions to come in future blogs.