What’s great about a weekend away?

Party at a big house with your friends

Take a relaxing short break with friends this autumn
















What’s your favourite part about getting away for the weekend?  Is it one of these? …..



How great is it to get away from the everyday chores and errands, the things we all feel we must do, that can get a bit relentless.  Taking a short break away from it all can be invigorating and relaxing.  Picture yourself chilling in front of a log fire with your favourite drink in hand – no washing machine to jump up and attend to, just a couple of days of doing what you want, when you want to.  Bliss!


Making plans in advance or doing something spur of the moment is fun in itself – even before you’ve gone on the trip!  Activities during a weekend away can inject some real fun into your time away too and it’s best to book these ahead if they involve an instructor or equipment that might not be available at short notice.

Many of our houses have large party rooms and games rooms, so if your weekend includes lots of your friends and family they make an excellent focal point to your entertainment.  Dancing after a gorgeous dinner in an elegant dining room is the perfect finale for a Saturday night – get everyone involved in the cooking or call us for a chef.  Both ways work really well.

Spending quality time with friends & family

A somewhat overused phrase but it’s true.  A pint and a chat in the pub is great, but when you have the chance to spend a weekend with your partner, friends or family, you get to really reconnect and it leaves you wondering – why don’t we do this more often?  That’s the time to book for next year!  Those ritual, yearly events become so looked forward to and sometimes, particularly with family re-unions they can continue as a tradition for decades. 

Getting out & about

If your short break has taken you out to the country then a walk in your wellies is surely a must.  Scrunching through the fallen autumn leaves, arm in arm with your besties – having a good old gossip.  Maybe stopping off at a pub or a fabulous tea-shop.

Maybe your thoughts turn to a cycle ride and this doesn’t have to mean you’re Chris Froome, although if you are, we’d happily give you some 100km routes.  But assuming you’re not, there are lots of quiet lanes with scenic route and bikes can be hired from near most of our houses if you haven’t brought your own.

Perhaps you’re feeling more adventurous and depending on which part of the country you’re in, there are often some great things to do – caves to explore, axe throwing to master, cheddar cheeses to chase down hillsides – whatever takes your fancy, we’ll do our best to arrange.

Discovering new places

It’s surprising, but a couple of days away can really give you a good flavour for an area that perhaps you haven’t experienced before.  It may be the start of a lifelong connection to a new region or simply an enjoyable memory of somewhere different.


We think it’s never too soon to plan for your next short break.  Get out there and you’ll return home refreshed and revitalised with some great memories and the desire to do it all over again!