What to do with my Big House?

Tone Dale House is a big house to rent in Somerset, available through The Big House Company

Tone Dale House – is a successful big house rental, marketed through The Big House Company.

At the Big House Co, we are finding an increasing number of people are considering the possibility of joining the holiday rental market and with the rise of the ‘staycation’ the market is thriving. Maybe you’re rattling around in a big house and want to earn an income from it, or converting an old Barn, or maybe you’ve inherited a large pile somewhere.

We have helped several of our current Home Owners all the way through this process, advising them on the type of rooms and facilities they should have if they want to maximise the earning potential of their property. Knowing the large, luxury house rental market the way we do, we know exactly what guests are looking for and the more boxes your house ticks, the better.

Of course, not all houses will suit all people, and not all people will suit all houses! We’re fairly picky about who we entrust your house to – we wouldn’t take a booking for your house that we wouldn’t take for one of our own.

Flexibility though, is good. For example, we are a nation of dog lovers and many families want to bring their pooch on holiday with them. We do charge for this, to cover any possible additional cleaning, and we advise customers that Fido must adhere to the rules!

The Big House Company worked with Tatham House for 18 months prior to launching this big holiday house.

The Big House Company worked with Tatham House for 18 months, prior to launching this big holiday house.

Think about providing as many additional luxuries as possible, a hot tub, swimming pool, tennis court and barbeque for example. Ideally you would have a good safe garden or outdoor area for children to play in.

Widcombe Grange is a popular big house to rent through The Big House Company.

Widcombe Grange is a popular big house to rent with an outdoor pool, hot tub & games barn.

The advantages of having us help you are many – even if your house isn’t ready yet we can start marketing as soon as we have some images and descriptions to put on our website and you can hit the ground running once you launch.

Why choose a smaller Agency?

We are not a large Agency, we are dedicated to the properties we represent and want to keep small enough to give our personal service to all our Home Owners, offering a concierge service as well if you want to keep as hands off as possible. When potential customers look on our site they can find what they want easily, rather than ploughing through hundreds of houses and losing track of what they have seen. Read our blog, on why we think choosing to be represented by a small agency benefits our homeowners and guests.

Our customers and our Home Owners regularly tell us that our response times are faster than some of the bigger agencies, so why not start a conversation with us and see if we are right for each other?