3 reasons to have a wedding weekend

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important and memorable days of your life, with months even years spent on planning it to perfection. But isn’t it a shame that is goes quicker than a blink of the eye?

Having a wedding weekend could be the ideal solution and even though it may cost a little  bit more, those extra few days will be precious for you and your loved ones. So here are 3  reasons why you should think of hiring a country house for your wedding:-

  1. Travel – The biggest part of your special day is to be surrounded by friends and family. A large country house can accommodate many of your loved ones, saving the trouble of getting to and from the venue on the day. It also gives you more quality time to spend with the people you don’t see very often.
  2. Relaxation – With a wedding being held over 2 – 3 days there is plenty of time to relax in the house and grounds. Why not enjoy some time by yourself to explore or have a big lunch all together, sharing wedding stories and  family memories. In our wedding houses we can hold civil ceremonies, receptions and provide accommodation, eliminating the stress as soon as you arrive until the moment you leave.
  3. Activities – So what fun things can you do whilst your there? Well firstly the splendid countryside and local attractions will always be worth a visit but there are also lots of fun activities that can be had in the grounds of the house. From archery to lawn games, casino nights to manicures there are many options for you and your guests to choose from

So if you’re looking for an intimate experience and a large country house to call “home” for a few days a wedding weekend sounds perfect for you! Take a look at our beautiful wedding venues today.