5 Tips for a Stress Free House Party

A country house party is a great way to get family and friends together, enjoying each others company and having downtime. But, with a large group, the organizer can end up feeling they’ve got a lot on their shoulders.  So, having organized house parties for 20 years, here’s our 5 tips for a relaxing weekend.

  1. If you are sharing the cost among your group, get deposits from everyone as soon as they say ‘yes’ otherwise they are not committed and you don’t want to be left holding the financial baby!
  2. Definitely arrange to have at least one meal catered, you can have a rest from the shopping, cooking and clearing away.  It makes for a special occasion with the linen, candles, and some fine food being served.  After all, you have come away to relax. Delivered meals are also a great option for other meals, or for younger children who might be eating at earlier times.
  3. Ensure all your guests contribute to the fun and smooth running of the weekend.  Our experience is that people like a role to focus their attention and make their own.  You can have a games master, breakfast chef, chief table layer, fire stoker etc.
  4. To save overloading your car with provisions get an online shop ordered well in advance.  Choose a time slot to suit yourself and know that all your shopping will be at the your holiday house with the minimum of effort.  Check with your guests (set a deadline for replies), if there are any special requests that can be included here.
  5. Have one organized activity arranged in advance, be it energetic, relaxing or both.  It provides a focus for the day and something that you and your guests are sure to enjoy.