Perfect Family Getaway

Family holiday

Welcome to Your Perfect Family Getaway in Our Spacious Holiday Homes!

Planning the perfect family holiday getaway is fraught with potential disasters. At the Big House Company we have thought long and hard about what a perfect family holiday home would look like, how it should feel to young and old alike and why people want to create this experience. Here are some of our thoughts…

Room for Everyone!

Imagine a holiday where the kids have oodles of space to play and you have your own serene corner to relax. We have! Our big holiday homes offer just that – roomy bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and expansive living areas for everyone’s comfort and joy!

Endless Fun for the Little Ones

Children in a swimming pool

Our homes are kiddie paradises with play areas, shimmering swimming pools, and games rooms galore! We understand how important it is for children to enjoy their surroundings and have all the facilities to entertain them. And we know that you need your space too! Keep the young ones thrilled and bustling with activities while you sit back and soak in the tranquillity – we have got you covered!

Family Time, Quality Time

Quality family time is crucial for memory making. Bond over a family barbecue in the garden, share stories in our grand dining rooms, or have a picnic on the lawn. Our communal spaces are perfect for creating those precious family memories.

Your Money Goes Further

Wave goodbye to the hassle of booking multiple hotel rooms and juggling bed space. Our holiday homes are not just spacious but also wallet-friendly! Plus, with fully equipped kitchens, you can whip up family feasts and save on dining out, expensive takeaways and in finding child friendly menus!

Feels Just Like Home

Our holiday homes offer that cozy, homely vibe that hotels just can’t. Enjoy the convenience of home with our kitchens, laundry facilities, and comfy lounges – especially perfect for families with little munchkins or babies.

Choose Your Adventure

children having an adventure

Pick your family’s ideal setting for an unforgettable adventure. You can choose the type of adventure your family would most love – there is so much to offer and our website gives you ideas and activities that are close by so you don’t have to do that work.

Privacy & Peace of Mind

Enjoy the peace of a private home, nestled in serene locations. Ideal for families, our homes offer a secure and controlled environment for a stress-free holiday.

Your Holiday, Your Rules

Forget about rigid hotel schedules! In our holiday homes, you’re the boss. Eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re sleepy – create a holiday rhythm that suits your family to a T.

Ready for a Magical Family Holiday?

Our big holiday homes are not just places to stay; they’re havens for family fun, relaxation and unforgettable memories.

Book your dream family holiday today and experience the magic!