Creating Your Own Christmas in a Holiday Home

Tailoring Christmas Traditions in a Holiday Home

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Create and follow your own holiday traditions, without the constraints of a hotel or resort setting in spaces that can make it truly special.

Welcome to the world of opportunities that your own big house for Christmas gives you. No structure, no strangers, oodles of space – you can make your festivities exactly as you want them to be.

First things first, the Christmas decorations, no corporate style here! Decorated as a home, not a hotel. Twinkling lights on the Christmas trees and the flexibility to add your own favourite ornaments, perhaps craft some decorations with the children, while you’re at it. Cut a little holy and ivy from the garden, to add your own personal touches.

The kitchens in our houses are fully equipped for self catering. Your whole group can enjoy cooking family favourites, or exploring new Christmas delights together. The kitchen is at the heart of your own house and certainly that’s the case for the Christmas holidays in all our homes away from home.

Christmas in your home from home becomes a very personal affair. No need to open presents squeezed into a hotel room, everyone can gather round the tree, or wherever feels special to you. The experience becomes unique, full of meaning and connections – memories to last a lifetime.

New family traditions can emerge. Cozy afternoons watching Christmas movies, games nights full of fun and friendly rivalry, bracing walks wrapped up in winter coats, hats and scarfs. Inside, children will find special corners to make their own, dens and secret hiding places. Parents gratefully, relaxing beside a roaring fire in the living room.

One of the beauties of a holiday home for Christmas is the lack of an imposed timetable. You can make the schedule, or just go with the flow. Leisurely mornings, breakfast in pyjamas at noon, it’s all up to you.

Hiring your own big house is far from an ordinary way to celebrate Christmas – it’s an extraordinary, unique experience to create your own flexible, memorable and highly personal happy holiday.

If you want to spend time away with your family this is a way to make it truly memorable. Shared spaces, but enough privacy. Well-equipped rooms you can feel at home in. Space you can call your own during your stay. None of the restrictions of a hotel, with set mealtimes, limited spaces and sharing with strangers. Our spacious self-catering holiday homes will envelope you from the moment you arrive to the moment you regretfully say farewell.

Make next year an unforgettable Christmas and reserve your special holiday retreat now!