The Wedding Guest List Challenge

Putting together a guest list for your wedding can be a surprisingly challenging and time-consuming process for many couples, and with this in mind, we share some great tips below to assist you in completing this task with minimum hassle!

Newlyweds with friends taking selfie

Establishing Numbers

Knowing the approximate headcount for your guest list is a priority from the outset because without this figure you cannot begin to make decisions about the venue or develop your budget.

Once you have a number to work with you can establish the projected cost per head and evaluate whether this is a realistic number to work with!

Time Is Of The Essence

However long you think this task is likely to take, try doubling it – and then some. This is one of those tasks that is guaranteed to take far longer than you ever anticipated. Balancing your guest list around your budget, your own personal opinions and the expectations of others can be a truly tricky arena to navigate.

Think of this as your first major task to tackle as a couple following your engagement. Giving yourself plenty of time to work on your list together is crucial, as breaks may be required!

Intimate Affair Or Massive Blowout?

Whether you choose to host an intimate event with your closest circle of family and friends or a gigantic blowout surrounded by guests from every era of your lives so far, it is important to remember that your choices will directly influence your event and your experience of it.

Many couples find that on reflection, a small crowd was perfect choice for them, as instead of feeling obligated to spend a huge proportion of the day greeting guests, they were able to focus on interacting, partying and celebrating with their loved ones.

For some people of course, a huge bash is the only way they would want it..!

Establish The Rules

The rules are that there are no rules – other than the ones that you decide on as a couple! In times gone by couples would feel obliged to invite each and every living member of their family to attend their wedding, where as these days it is not unusual for couples to take all kinds of different approaches, with many opting to scale down their wedding for a more contemporary and intimate affair.

It is important to establish rules and stick to them, considering whether children will be invited, how you will determine which guests are invited to the ceremony and which are invited to attend the reception only and so on…

Once you have these rules in place you will find it far easier to work through your guest list, falling back on these initial guidelines whenever you need them, until you reach an agreement on a final guest list that you can both feel proud of!