The Secret To Throwing A Great Party…

The secret to throwing the kind of great party that leaves your guests bursting with fond and hilarious memories of a great day is all in the planning and with the following tips up your sleeve; you can rest assured that the next event you host is going to be a roaring success!

Infuse The Air With Some BBQ Flavours

There is nothing like the smell of some deliciously seasoned meats and vegetables on the BBQ grill for creating some blissful, feel good vibes at your event so be sure to factor a decent sized grill in somewhere.

Apart from the pleasure of devouring said food once it is cooked, the process of grilling is such a wonderful, sociable experience.

Keep in mind that some of your guests may be vegan, vegetarian or have food allergies; (you may want to encourage them to share this info with you on an RSVP prior to the event). By providing a couple of different options for non-meat eaters you should be able to ensure that all of your guests feel well catered for and loved!

Create A Designated Photo Station

A well-stocked photo station is a great way to guarantee that you have a wealth of images to immortalise your party with. Choose a bright area that will provide you with a fabulous backdrop, and then stock your photo station with some great props such as cutouts of emojis, oversized frames, weird and wacky hats and masks, fake facial hair, wigs and anything else that will inspire your guests to strike a pose!

Provide Direction With Some Fun Activities

The activities you opt for will largely depend on your budget; however, rest assured that it is easy to inject some laughter and giggles without breaking the bank with costly equipment– all you need is a little creativity and imagination.

Think about the kind of activities that you loved as a child and use these as your starting point. Plan a scavenger hunt for a bunch of thirty something’s and watch their playful and competitive nature unfold before your very eyes, or dust off a bunch of old board games like operation and buckaroo and set up an old school gaming station!

Just like the photo station these ideas and props will complement your party by providing some direction for everyone and helping them to mix and enjoy themselves.

Choose A Central Theme

If you are throwing a party to celebrate Halloween or Easter, you already have a theme to work with but whatever the occasion, be sure to coordinate with a central theme, as it will give you a focal point for the party to build upon and embellish with signage, props etc.

Whether it is based on a current favourite show like walking dead, (encourage guests to express their inner zombie), or a vibrant carnival theme accessorised with lively music and brightly coloured lanterns and bunting, your theme will add structure and an air of professionalism to your party.

Be Selective With Your Invites

Forget about numbers as a great party relies on quality rather than quantity, without exception. Invite only your funniest, kindest and most sociable favourites, as this way you will find it far easier to relax and enjoy yourself on the day.

Choose Your Venue Wisely

If your own home is an unsuitable base for hosting your party, due to size restriction, grumpy neighbours or any other reason that means the space is not going to work for you, consider your alternatives for a space that will accommodate everyone more comfortably.

Options to explore could include renting out a local function room or community space close by, or for a seriously special occasion, you could rent a luxury party house and throw the house party of a lifetime!