Inspiration For Your Next Corporate Getaway

Many companies use an annual corporate retreat to accomplish a broad range of goals that cannot be tackled successfully in a one, or two hour meeting. Whether you are working on building your team, developing a strategic plan, or organising the launch of a brand new project, a well planned corporate getaway provides you with the ideal environment for getting things done!

Being outside of the usual workplace, all of the usual daily distractions are eliminated, leaving you with plenty of time and space for reflection and the opportunity to consider your projects and goals from entirely different perspectives.

Tighten Your Personal Connections – Strengthen Your Team

Taking your team on a corporate getaway and out of the context of their usual roles creates a unique opportunity for the group to bond with one another and tighten their personal connections.

For companies that employ remote workers, or operate from offices in several different locations, an annual corporate event like this puts all of the drivers in one place, allowing the entire group to forge and enhance personal connections. The amount of information that can potentially be learned and shared over a meal or whilst hanging out together and unwinding is quite astonishing.

This is highly beneficial to your company because returning to the workplace with a strengthened team opens the door to more efficient, collaborative work, where your entire operation becomes more productive due to the fact that everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Incorporate A Good Dose Of Fun In Your Corporate Getaway

Aim for a ratio of one part fun to four parts work, when planning the itinerary for your corporate getaway; in fact try to add as much fun as you can realistically afford to, and the company will ultimately benefit from doing so in the long run.

Pulling your employees away from their home life and commitments is a big deal, therefore some fun activities will help to soften the deal and give the group something to get excited about in the run up to the event.

Most importantly however, including plenty of time for fun and relaxation creates an important window for informal discussion and communication, helping to make sure that your team have ample opportunity to get to know each other better during the trip.

Clear Out The Cobwebs!

Many employees spend the majority of their work life in an office, behind a computer screen so spending time outdoors in the fresh air, moving around can be incredibly invigorating. The location of your getaway will help you to determine some suitable activities for the group.

Golf, go carting, horse riding or an archery session are just a few options you could consider to clear the cobwebs away, although an afternoon drinking Pimms in one of our sunny gardens is also an attractive option worth thinking about!

Last But Not Least – Throw In Some Perks

What better way to show your employees how much you appreciate them than to plan some well deserved perks for them – putting the icing on the cake!

Help them to relax and have a great time by booking them a bit of time on the golf course, a little massage or beauty therapy session, and last but not least, create a grand finale at the end of a successful corporate break with a party to remember…

Choose A Big House For Your Corporate Retreat

If you are booking a Big House for your corporate retreat this year we can help you out with some great ideas and suggestions to suit your group, as well as make arrangements on your behalf with local businesses and suppliers.

Once you have chosen your Big House, simply let us know what you want and we can take care of the rest!